What are some good ways to find mentors, and what’s in it for them?


Some background info:

I’m a recent graduate with a business economics degree, and I feel like I know enough to understand that I don’t nearly know enough. At the moment I’ve got a job at a “coordinator” position with some nice people, but not my field and not what I want to do.

I’ve been getting some practice in data management in this job which I hope helps me with my career choice in the future but I have no idea if that is even remotely good enough.

In university I’ve enjoyed statistics, data management/organization, and project management/feasibility courses the most, but I feel like I will forget all I’ve learned before I finally get a chance to use it.

I’m starting my own business on the side. It involves subcontractors for jobs I find, so nothing too fancy, and it has been a very slow start so far: All I’ve done was I just created the business and am going through the seemingly endless process of creating a website up to my standards.

I understand people suggest “getting” mentors for this type of thing, but the concept is completely wild to me. I have no idea how to do it. I saw an ad for meeting mentors or something at the government location where I’ve “created” my business, but it involved paying hundreds of dollars to mingle with people at a bar or something, making me feel like that is not a good environment

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