Why is E-sign best business solution over paperwork signing?


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It’s Time, and we’re here to give you more of it. When your company is closing a deal, maintaining momentum, or churning through tons of contracts, the last thing you need is to be bogged down by logistics. Let’s go for bullet points.

80% of deals that formed digitally and signed through E-sign take 1 day to be fully completed. 25$ saved as usual expenses for the paper signing process (per document). 7 hours a week of saved time. Enhanced security. Same legal value as paper doc. And maybe on of the most important benefits: Improve customer experience !

You’ve wanted to get off old paper-based documents, but it seemed too complex or cost too much. Now there’s a free, beautiful way to incorporate e-signatures into your workflows.

Electronic signatures allow you to work in a completely new way. No more wasting hours tracking down stakeholders or clients by phone, scheduling meetings, or traveling to the location just to sign documents.We started as an idea of becoming something useful.

DottedSign is a possibility to make it true!

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