Working on starting a marketing agency. What questions should I be asking to begin my research?


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As a bit of background, I attended the same performing and visual arts high school that Beyonce Knowles and Matt Mullenweg (creator of WordPress) attended. I was a visual arts student, so I have a heavy formal background in the visual arts, design, etc. I recently finished a tech bootcamp (I was always technically inclined as well) but started teaching myself web development 8 months before entering that, so I wanna say I’ve been a developer for almost 2 years now. I just landed my first position ast a startup, and while I was originally hired for one thing, they found out about my graphic design and programming skills, and have me doing their original tasks I was hired for, as well as creating their marketing materials (they had pretty much none prior to me getting there), and I’ll be programming some apps to shorten a ton of processes at work. My boss has been VERY pleased with it, and I realized that when I make websites for people, I often do their logo, color scheme, and for some, I’ve even helped them name their business. I realized that I could do great creating marketing company and moonlighting. The thing is, I’m trying to make sure I even have all of the right questions to begin researching, because I’ve been stressing myself out trying to figure out everything I need to cover before I do a soft launch.

Here are the questions I’ve written down thus far:

Startups Business Management


All about Operations Management and Project Management