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Hey guys please be honest with your answers as I am working on a business plan.

I would like to know y’all’s input,

If your city had or currently has a LAN Gaming center would/do you go to play games there any?

Some examples of why you may go would be…..

To experience computer/gaming systems you cannot afford to own at home? Would you pay to play any games you were just wanting to try out? (If the price per hour was reasonable)

Also would you go to compete in weekend tournaments? Or maybe even just go to hang with friends IRL while gaming?

This is only a few examples of what would be provided at a fun place like this.

I am really just looking for as much feedback as possible on what you guys as the community think about businesses starting to implement LAN Gaming centers into city’s.

Please give any positive and negative feedback, also try and share with everyone you know because I need this feedback due to the expenses of opening such a business.

Thank you for the feedback gaming community!!

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